MCA 2021 May TNT – Online CFC Quick Rated Tournament Rounds 1 and 2 results

Eight players have started the tournament – Isaac Wiebe and Jackson Stordeur lead after the first two rounds.

You can still join the tournament – May 18 or May 25.

Round 1      
11 Isaac Wiebe (2183 0.0)John Klokow (1650 0.0)0
21 Jackson Stordeur (1480 0.0)Blair Rutter (1896 0.0)0
31 Ibukun Orogun (1782 0.0)Gustavo Velasco ( 926 0.0)0
0.5Geethika Kadigamuwa (1518 0.0)BYE
0.5Peter Magyar (1423 0.0)BYE
Round 2
10 Ibukun Orogun (1782 1.0)Isaac Wiebe (2183 1.0)1
20 John Klokow (1650 0.0)Jackson Stordeur (1480 1.0)1
31 Blair Rutter (1896 0.0)Geethika Kadigamuwa (1518 0.5)0
0.5Peter Magyar (1423 0.5)BYE
0.5Gustavo Velasco ( 926 0.0)BYE

MCA 2021 May TNT – Online CFC Quick Rated Tournament Tuesday, May 11, 18, 25

MCA 2021 May TNT – Online CFC Quick Rated Tournament, Tuesday May 11, Tuesday, May 18, Tuesday May 25

You are invited to the MCA 2021 May TNT – Online CFC QR Tournament, Tuesday  May 11, Tuesday, May 18, Tuesday May 25, a 6-round 10 10 online tournament on the Tornelo platform.  (This is the fifth MCA Online Quick Rated Tournament of 2021.)

This tournament will be quick rated by the CFC (Your standard CFC rating will not be affected).

As it is CFC rated, all players must have a current, unexpired CFC membership.

The tournament will consist of six rounds.

Two rounds on each of May 11, May 18,  May 25

The time control will be 10 minutes, plus 10 second increment.

There will be no entry fee, and no prize fund.

Any number of half-point byes will be allowed.

The first game of each night will start soon after 8 p.m. ; the second round of each night will start approximately 5 minutes after the last game of the first round ends.

You will also be required to be visible on Zoom. (The Zoom link will be available in the tournament lobby)

New players to the Tornelo platform will have to sign up at Tornelo – Tornelo requires the use of real names – which is part of their Fair Play philosophy. You will receive a confirmation email from Tornelo that you will have to respond to. (Please check your spam folder in case it ended up there).

Sign in | Tornelo

After you have signed up with an ‘account’, you should be able to see a ‘join as a player’ button in the Lobby at the following link:

CFC annual membership renewals are $25 (contact Juniors $ 17. For new CFC members, the fee is also $ 25 ($ 17 for Juniors), however the MCA will refund the $ 25 (or $ 17) upon participation and completion of all rounds in a future CFC rated live over-the-board event (which are currently suspended during the COVID situation).

Event summary | Tornelo

So, that is like pre-registering for a tournament. On the night of the tournament, you have to check-in. Then the arbiter can make pairings being assured that everyone is there and/or give byes as needed. So it is no problem to register for the tournament and not show up (but as a courtesy please advise to You will only be paired if you are checked-in on Tuesday night by 8 p.m.

Please register for the first round any time (any day) prior to 6 p.m. on Tuesday May 11. This will allow time for the arbiter to ensure that all players are current CFC members and to use the appropriate CFC rating for pairings.

Let me know if you have any problems signing up/in.

Tony Boron

MCA Tournament Coordinator


History of chess in Manitoba

Below is a link to a wonderful presentation given by Cecil Rosner (with added commentary from Irwin Lipnowski) to the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada on April 29, 2021.  The presentation highlights the history of chess in Manitoba and in particular, the remarkable achievements and contributions by members of the Jewish community and the Winnipeg Jewish Chess Club, one of the founding organizations of the Manitoba Chess Association.


2021 April TNT CFC Quick-Rated Online Tournament – Rounds 5 and 6 results

Colin Prince completed his clean sweep and won the tournament with six points.  Ievgeniia-Diana Furda and Blair Rutter Tied for 2nd/3rd with 4 points.

Round 5      
10 Jackson Stordeur (unr. 1.0)Colin Prince (1912 4.0)1
20 John Klokow (1615 2.0)Ievgeniia-Diana Furda (1599 2.0)1
31 Cory Ash (1279 2.0)Peter Magyar (1507 0.0)0
0.5Anthony Boron (1951 2.5)BYE
0.5Blair Rutter (1891 3.0)BYE
0.5Ken Einarsson (1775 2.0)BYE
0.5Bruce Leaden (1515 1.0)BYE
0.5Yanyu Lei (1468 2.5)BYE
Round 6
11Colin Prince (1912 5.0)Cory Ash (1279 3.0)0
20Peter Magyar (1507 0.0)Ievgeniia-Diana Furda (1599 3.0)1
30Anthony Boron (1951 3.0)John Klokow (1615 2.0)1
41Jackson Stordeur (unr. 1.0)Yanyu Lei (1468 3.0)0
0.5Blair Rutter (1891 3.5)BYE
0.5Ken Einarsson (1775 2.5)BYE
0.5Bruce Leaden (1515 1.5)BYE

2021 April TNT CFC Quick-Rated Online Tournament – Rounds 3 and 4 results

Colin Prince leads with 4 points, with Blair Rutter 1 point back.  The final two rounds will be played April 27.

Round 3      
11 Colin Prince (1912 2.0)Blair Rutter (1891 2.0)0
21 Ken Einarsson (1775 1.0)Ievgeniia-Diana Furda (1599 1.0)0
30 Peter Magyar (1507 0.0)John Klokow (1615 1.0)1
40 Jackson Stordeur (unr. 1.0)Bruce Leaden (1515 0.0)1
.5Anthony Boron (1951 1.0)BYE
.5 Yanyu Lei (1468 1.0)BYE
Round 4
10Ken Einarsson (1775 2.0)Colin Prince (1912 3.0)1
21Blair Rutter (1891 2.0)John Klokow (1615 2.0)0
31Ievgeniia-Diana Furda (1599 1.0)Jackson Stordeur (unr. 1.0)0
40Bruce Leaden (1515 1.0)Anthony Boron (1951 1.5)1
51Yanyu Lei (1468 1.5)Peter Magyar (1507 0.0)0

MB Scholastic Chess — Manitoba Qualification for Canadian Chess Challenge

MB Scholastic Chess — Manitoba Qualification for Canadian Chess Challenge
Qualification for the national chess tournament happens at the Manitoba Provincial Chess Championships. This year, the Provincial tournament for grades 1 to 12 is being held online on May 1, 2021. At these Provincial championships, students will play to determine who will represent Manitoba at the national level for each grade.The Canadian Chess Challenge is open to any student from Manitoba (new or experienced) in grades 1 to 12. Registration is done on-line.The winners in each grade at the Manitoba Provincial tournament will qualify for the national Chess Challenge June 26-27, 2021. This year’s event will be played online.

2021 April TNT CFC Quick-Rated Online Tournament – Rounds 1 and 2 results

Blair Rutter and Colin Price lead with 2 points.

You can still join the tournament on Tuesday, see details here: MCA 2021 April TNT – Online CFC Quick Rated Tournament, Tuesday April 13, Tuesday, April 20, Tuesday April 27 – Chess Manitoba

Round 1      
11 Colin Prince (1912 0.0)Ievgeniia-Diana Furda (1599 0.0)0
20 Bruce Leaden (1515 0.0)Blair Rutter (1891 0.0)1
31 Ken Einarsson (1775 0.0)Peter Magyar (1507 0.0)0
40 Jackson Stordeur (unr. 0.0)John Klokow (1615 0.0)1
Round 2
10 John Klokow (1615 1.0)Colin Prince (1912 1.0)1
21 Blair Rutter (1891 1.0)Ken Einarsson (1775 1.0)0
31 Ievgeniia-Diana Furda (1599 0.0)Bruce Leaden (1515 0.0)0
40 Peter Magyar (1507 0.0)Jackson Stordeur (unr. 0.0)1