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Truus and Kent Oliver Memorial Tournament* – February 4th at St Mary’s Road United Church

(*Prize fund enhanced through a donation from the late Mrs. Truus Oliver)

The Manitoba Chess Association will be holding a rapid tournament on Saturday, February 4th at St. Mary’s Road United Church, 613 St. Mary’s Road.  

FIDE and CFC rated.

Please pre-register by texting or phoning Al MacPherson at 204-898-8485 

  • 5 round Swiss system
  • Time control of 20 minutes with 10 second delay per move
  • Recording of moves not required
  • $20 onsite entry fee. Optional $15 pre-payment entry fee to chessmanitoba@gmail.com before Feb 3rd noon
  • CFC membership required; FIDE rated
  • Onsite registration from 930am with first round starting at 10am 
  • No lunch break, bring a snack
  • Final round expected to end at 3pm

Limited parking on church property but there is free local street parking.

Front room of church will be available for game review or socializing.

2023 February MCA Online CFC QR Tournament on Tornelo starts Sunday February 5.

2023 February MCA Online CFC QR Tournament on Tornelo
Sunday, February 510:00am – 12:00pm
Weekly on Sunday, until Feb 27, 2023

CFC (Chess Federation of Canada) quick rated. All players must be members of the CFC.

4 round Swiss System tournament

Time control of G 25 10 (25 minutes per player plus 10 second per move increment)

1 round (game) on each of

Sunday, February 5 Sunday, February 12 Sunday, February 19 Sunday, February 26

starting at 10:00 a.m.

Players must be visible on Zoom

There will be no entry fee, and no prize fund.

Any number of half-point byes will be allowed.

New players to the Tornelo platform will have to sign up at Tornelo – Tornelo requires the use of real names – which is part of their Fair Play philosophy. You will receive a confirmation email from Tornelo that you will have to respond to. (Please check your spam folder in case it ended up there).

New player sign-up

After you have signed up with an ‘account’, you should be able to see a ‘join as a player’ button in the Lobby at the following link:


‘Register Now’

So, that is like pre-registering for a tournament. On the night of the tournament, you have to check-in. Then the arbiter can make pairings being assured that everyone is there and/or give byes as needed. So it is no problem to register for the tournament and not show up (but as a courtesy please advise to chessmanitoba@gmail.com). You will only be paired if you are checked-in on Tuesday night by 9:30 p.m.

Please register for the first round any time (any day) prior to 9:30 a.m. on **Sunday February 5 ** (the earlier the better). This will allow time for the arbiter to ensure that all players are current CFC members and to use the appropriate CFC rating for pairings.

Let me know if you have any problems signing up/in.

Thanks, Tony Boron

MCA Tournament Coordinator


CFC annual membership renewals are $25 (contact chessmanitoba@gmail.com) Juniors $ 17. For new CFC members, the fee is also $ 25 ($ 17 for Juniors).

2023 MCA TKO Warmup Online CFC QR Tournament – Round 3 results

Iqvinder Dhillon leads with 3 points, followed by Tony Boron with 2.5.

Bd ResWhite BlackRes
11 Iqvinder Singh Dhillon (1832 2.0)Gilbert Perez (1898 2.0)0
20 Geethika Kadigamuwa (1745 1.0)Anthony Boron (1888 1.5)1
3.5Charitha Hansima (1632 1.0)Sachintha Lenawala (1433 1.0).5
41 Rohit Sharma (1343 1.0)Shahmirzad Pahlavanialamdari (1484 1.0)0
50 Dennis Foerster (1323 0.0)Peter Baxted (1767 1.0)1
6.5Mc Jones Ranario (1483 0.0)Xingyu Chen (1385 0.0).5
.5Nathan Vaughan (1585 1.5)BYE

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2023 February Tuesday Night Tournament starts Tuesday, February 7

2023 February Tuesday Night Tournament

One Section – CFC and FIDE Standard Rated Event $ 25 entry fee – Prizes tbd.

Location:   Canadian Mennonite University  (600 Shaftesbury Boulevard)

Room D33  (map and direction and important information https://chess.chessmanitoba.org/?page_id=4538 Free Parking !

CFC Membership required. Pre-registration is strongly recommended as capacity will be limited.

4 rounds – 1 game on each Tuesday February 7, 14, 21, 28– (This is not a knockout tournament, players will play all 4 rounds) (Players may take up to 1 half-point and any number of zero-point byes.)

Half-point byes for round 4 must be requested before Round 2. Please note that we intend to start the first round at 7:00 p.m. sharp.  FIDE Zero tolerance rule not in effect (After the first round, you will not forfeited if you are late, but will lose after 1 hour of being late).

There is one game per week. This tournament is a Swiss (pairing) style tournaments with a time control of G /90 minutes plus a five-second increment from move 1.  The games will be be approx. 3 hours maximum

Start time is 7:00 pm -$ 25 entry fee and CFC membership required. All players must be CFC members (can be obtained during registration on-site) –  CFC memberships  – Annual(12-month) –  Adults $ 25, Juniors $17.  New members will have their CFC membership fee refunded after completion of all rounds of a MCA CFC standard rated tournament.

On site Registration for tournament (if capacity has not been reached through pre-registration) -Tuesday, February 7 – approximately 6:35 pm to 6:50 pm Registration will be cut off at 6:50 pm.

Tournament Director will be  Tony Boron (2047989464) or email chessmanitoba at gmail.com

Please send your questions to Tony Boron (2047989464) or email chessmanitoba at gmail.com.

2023 Martin Jaeger Memorial – Round 3 results

Gustav Baron leads with 3 points.
Theo Wolchock and Al MacPherson are at 2.5.

Bd ResWhite BlackRes
10 John Klokow (1646 2.0)Gustav L Baron (2070 2.0)1
21 Theo Wolchock (2219 1.5)John V. Minano (1719 2.0)0
31 Iqvinder Singh Dhillon (1584 1.0)Cory Letain (1769 1.0)0
40 Jackson Stordeur (1657 1.0)Emmanuel Odeyemi (1486 1.0)1
50.5Mick Aiello (1610 1.0)Allan Roberts (1434 1.0)0.5
61 Pietro Aiello (1596 1.0)Basir Nouri (unr. 1.0)0
71 John Remillard (1573 0.5)Austin Spulnick (unr. 0.5)0
81 Aiden Ling ( 807 0.5)Farhad Nouri (unr. 0.5)0
90 Ziqin[Leo] Zhang (unr. 0.0)Francis Trueman (1443 0.0)1
0.5Anthony Boron (2020 1.5)BYE
0.5Thomas Pearce (1562 0.0)BYE
0.5Al MacPherson (1661 2.0)BYE



2023 Martin Jaeger Memorial – Round 2 results

Gustav Baron, John Klokow, John Minano, and Al MacPherson lead with 2 points.

Bd ResWhite Black Res
11 Gustav L Baron (2070 1.0)Jackson Stordeur (1657 1.0)0
20 Cory Letain (1769 1.0)John Klokow (1646 1.0)1
31 John V. Minano (1719 1.0)Mick Aiello (1610 1.0)0
41 Al MacPherson (1661 1.0)Pietro Aiello (1596 1.0)0
50 Allan Roberts (1434 1.0)Theo Wolchock (2219 0.5)1
60 Farhad Nouri (unr. 0.5)Ken Einarsson (1720 0.5)1
71 Emmanuel Odeyemi (1486 0.0)Ziqin[Leo] Zhang (1700 0.0)0
80 Francis Trueman (1443 0.0)Iqvinder Singh Dhillon (1584 0.0)1
90.5John Remillard (1573 0.0)Aiden Ling ( 807 0.0)0.5
101 Basir Nouri (unr. 0.0)Thomas Pearce (1562 0.0)0
0.5Nathan Vaughan (1737 1.0)BYE
0.5Anthony Boron (2020 1.0)BYE
0.5Ante Mandusic (1218 0.0)BYE
0.5Harsha Kumbharathi ( 893 0.0)BYE
0.5Austin Spulnick (unr. 0.0)BYE



2023 Martin Jaeger Memorial (January TNT) Round 1 results

Twenty-three players have started the tournament.  (You can join next week, with a half-point bye for the missed first round).

Bd ResWhite BlackRes
10 Iqvinder Singh Dhillon (1584)Gustav L Baron (2070)1
21 Anthony Boron (2020)John Remillard (1573)0
30 Thomas Pearce (1562)Cory Letain (1769)1
41 Nathan Vaughan (1737)Emmanuel Odeyemi (1486)0
50 Francis Trueman (1443)John V. Minano (1719)1
60 Ziqin[Leo] Zhang (~1700)Allan Roberts (1434)1
70 Ante Mandusic (1218)Al MacPherson (1661)1
81 Jackson Stordeur (1657)Harsha Kumbharathi ( 893)0
90 Aiden Ling ( 807)John Klokow (1646)1
101 Mick Aiello (1610)Basir Nouri (unr.)0
110 Austin Spulnick (unr.)Pietro Aiello (1596)1
.5Farhad Nouri (unr.)BYE



MCA 2022 December Online CFC Rated QR tournament – Final Round results

Gilbert Perez won the tournament with 3.5 points, defeating the previous leader Geethika Kadigamuwa in the last round on Thursday, December 29.  Next with 3 points were Kadigamuwa, Iqvinder Singh Dillon, Paul Wetzel, and Tony Boron.

Bd ResWhite Black Res
11 Gilbert Perez (1874 2.5)Geethika Kadigamuwa (1700 3.0)0
20 Charitha Hansima (1638 2.0)Iqvinder Singh Dhillon (1884 2.0)1
31 Paul Wetzel (1695 2.0)Nathan Vaughan (1428 2.0)0
40 Shahmirzad Pahlavanialamdari (unr. 2.0)Sushant Sharma (unr. 1.5)1
51 Peter Baxted (1835 1.5)Rohit Sharma (1565 1.0)0
61 Mc Jones Ranario (1427 1.0)Ante Mandusic (1348 1.0)0
71 Xingyu Chen (1376 1.0)Dennis Foerster (1358 0.5)0
81 Sachintha Lenawala (1542 0.5)Ayaan Sharma (1056 0.0)0
.5Anthony Boron (1881 2.5)BYE
.5Juan Vasquez (unr. 1.0)BYE
.5Quinn Tays (1664 1.0)BYE

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2022 MCA St. Mary’s December FIDE Rapid results

Thirty-six players contested the 2022 MCA St. Mary’s December CFC and FIDE rated Rapid tournament on Friday, December 30, directed by Al MacPherson.

Marlon Jodar emerged the winner with 4.5 points.

Tied for next prize places with 4 points were Mahmud Hassain, Bohdan Chychkevych, and Mike Skop.

U1100/unrated prizes were won by Aiden Ling and Evan Miles.

Jodar, Chychkevych, Skop, Hassain