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MCA online blitz results – June 24, 2021

Gilbert Perez won tonight’s thematic arena blitz tournament – the Sicilian Defense: Najdorf variation – with a score of 26 points.  Kadiya placed second with 14 points and Blair Rutter placed third with 12 points. Full results here.

Brandon wins match tournament

The Brandon team won today’s two-round U2000 match against the Winnipeg team by a score of 14 to 8.  There were 11 players on each team, with each player playing once with white and once with black against their opponent. Here are the board results. To view the games, go to the link here.

MCA online blitz results – June 10, 2021

Blair Rutter won tonight’s six round Swiss blitz tournament with a score of 5.0.  Ibkchessforlife placed second with 4.5 points and Gilbert Perez was third with 4.0 points.  Top U1800 player was zxcfds with 2.0 points. Full results here.

History of chess in Manitoba

Below is a link to a wonderful presentation given by Cecil Rosner (with added commentary from Irwin Lipnowski) to the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada on April 29, 2021.  The presentation highlights the history of chess in Manitoba and in particular, the remarkable achievements and contributions by members of the Jewish community and the… Read More »