Monthly Archives: September 2016

Isaac Wiebe vs. Magnus Carlsen – Thursday, Sep 22

Seriously ! Isaac Wiebe won a random draw related to playing the PlayMagnus app, and will enjoy a once in a lifetime experience in New York to play in a simul against World Champion Magnus Carlsen. From the organizers: On September 22, Magnus Carlsen will host 10 players from his app, as well as guests… Read More »

Sept 2016 TNT Round 3 results

Marcos Valentino leads with 3.0 after 3 rounds, with Saul Magnusson, Waldemar Schulz and Isaac Wiebe following with 2.5.  In case you are wondering, Isaac was given a full point bye in round 3 as he was mistakenly paired against an opponent who had requested a bye. Bd  Res    White                                                  Res      Black 1      1       Marcos Valentino (2196,… Read More »

Bridging Villages tournament results

23 players participated in a tournament held on September 18 in support of Bridging Villages, a Canadian registered charity. Sam Lipnowski and Jonathon Zaczek won the Open section with a score of 4.0 out of 5.0. Cory Letain and Derek Ma shared the U1900 prize with a score of 3.0. In the U1600 section, Lawrence… Read More »

2016 Sept TNT 2nd round results

Four players have a 2.0 score after two rounds: Marcos Valentino, Gustav Baron, Saul Magnusson and Waldemar Schulz. Bd  Res White                                                  Res   Black 1       0   Colin Prince (1878, 1.0)                      1      Marcos Valentino (2196, 1.0) 2       0   Carter Marshall (1381, 1.0)               1      Gustav L Baron (2106, 1.0) 3       1    Saul Magnusson (2079, 1.0)             0      Will Bonness (1912, 1.0) 4      … Read More »

2016 Sept TNT First round results

20 players competed in the first round of the September TNT. Upsets were recorded on four of the ten boards, with Carter Marshall and Udaya Annakkage scoring the biggest upsets. You can still join the tournament next Tuesday, taking a half point bye for the first round. Bd Res     White                                      Res     Black 1      1         Marcos… Read More »

Results of Aug. 30 active tournament

Twelve players competed in the double round-robin quad tournament held on Aug. 30. Quad #1 4.5 Gustav Baron 3.5 Jeff Babb 2.0 Marcus Valentino 2.0 Isaac Wiebe Quad #2 3.5 Will Bonness 3.5 Saul Magnusson 2.5 Ken Einarsson 2.5 Jaroslaw Czypinski Quad #3 5.5 Kevin Booth 4.5 Cory Letain 2.0 Larry Samson 0.0 Francis Trueman

Results of Aug. 23 active tournament

Twelve players competed in the round-robin sectional tournament on Aug. 23. Gustav Baron won the top section and Larry Samson won the lower section. Top section: 4.5  Gustav Baron 4.0  Isaac Wiebe 2.5 Colin Prince 2.0 Kevin Booth 2.0 Saul Magnusson 0.0 Phil LeDorze Lower section: 4.0 Larry Samson 3.5 Cory Letain 2.5 Mike Skop… Read More »