2016 Abe Yanofsky Memorial Prize Winners

By | August 21, 2016

Open Section

Aleksandar Zashev and FM Kevin Gentes shared 1st-2nd with 6.5 points. Gustav Baron scored 5 points to take the third prize. Blair Rutter also had 5 which earned the Top A Class (U2000)  prize.  Second U2000 was Tony Boron with 4.5; Colin Prince and Will Bonness shared Third U2000 with 4 points.


U1800 Section

Larry Samson and young Max Russo finished at the top with 6 points. They shared the pooled 1st prize and Top U1600 prizes.  Kevin Booth and Cory Letain, with 5.5 points,  shared 2nd prize money.  Second U1600 was newcomer Evheniya-Diana Furda who scored 5 points.

Young Zachary Piche scored 4.5 points to take U1400, with Bruce Leaden second U1400 with 3 points.