2016 Earl Rosenbloom and Gary Campbell Memorials – Final Round Results

By | December 21, 2016

2016 Earl Rosenbloom Memorial

FM Kevin Gentes was held to a draw by Tony Boron on Board 1, then had to wait to see if Rolando Bince could convert his advantage against Marcos Valentino.  Valentino flagged, and as a result, Gentes won the 2016 Earl Rosenbloom Memorial, a half-point ahead of Valentino and Blair Rutter. (Rutter was top U2100).  Roland Bince took top U2000, while Tony Boron earned the smaller 3rd place prize, both with 4 points

.5Anthony Boron (2032 3.5)Kevin Gentes (2363 4.5).5
0 Marcos Valentino (2224 4.5)Rolando Bince (1976 3.0)1
0 Theo Wolchock (2001 2.0)Blair Rutter (1875 3.5)1
1 Saul Magnusson (2075 1.5)Jeff Clark (2076 3.5)0

2016 Gary Campbell Memorial

Jim Green and Brian Pryce had 1st and 2nd clinched before the round. With Jim Green unable to attend Round 7, Brian Pryce just needed a draw to take first place.  But, due to a previous obligation, he just missed avoiding a forfeit loss by a few minutes.  So, perhaps a just result, with Green and Pryce sharing 1st/2nd with  5 points.  Cory Letain was 3rd with 4.5 points.  Newcomer Yevhen Viznytsya was Top U1500, with Carter Marshall 2nd U1500

0FBrian Pryce (1793 5.0)Carter Marshall (1430 2.0)1X
1 Cory Letain (1731 3.5)Ken Marshall (1456 2.0)0
0 Keith Gannon (1623 3.0)Ken Einarsson (1762 3.0)1
0 Francis Trueman (1429 2.5)Yevhen Viznytsya (unr. 2.5)1