2017 Abe Yanofsky Memorial – Final results

By | September 3, 2017

Fifty-four  players participated in the 2017 Abe Yanofsky Memorial, the largest attendance in many years !

CFC ratings have been updated – https://chessmanitoba.blogspot.ca/2017/09/2017-abe-yanofsky-memorial-has-been.html


Crosstables have been posted –



Jojo Nones claimed first in the Open section with 4.5 points. Isaac Wiebe finished second with 4 points.

Third prize was shared by Sam Lipnowski, Marcos Valentino, and Gustav Baron,  with 3.5 points

Also scoring 3.5 were Tom Boshoff and Joshua Gerona, but they shared the larger U2000 prizes.


Gilbert Perez won the U1800 section with 4.5 points. Second was shared by Ken Einarsson and Larry Samson with 4 points.

The U1600 first prize was won by young Carter Marshall with 3.5 points. Second U16000 was shared by Bruce Leaden, Joshua Huston-Earle, Ken Marshall, and Andrew Li, all with 3 points

The U1400 prizes were won by Ethan Eckert, and Aalekh Patel, both with 3 points.