2010 Manitoba Junior Championship

By | November 21, 2010
Written by Blair Rutter
Congratulations to Aaron Green, our new Manitoba Junior champion.   In a pivotal match in the fourth round, Aaron won over last year’s champion, Paolo Araullo in a well-fought contest that ended with Paolo resigning with less than 30 seconds on his clock to Aaron’s 2 minutes.   Aaron went on to score a draw in the final round against Igal Raihman to end the tournament with 4.5 points in the five-round match.   Leor Wasserman finished second with 4.0, showing fine form under pressure, winning his final match in a time scramble against Paolo.  Igal finished 3rd in the top section with 3.5
In the lower half, Alexander Iomdina notched 3.0 points to place first, with Theo Wolchock, Henry Li and Brent Murphy in a three-way tie for second place with 2.0.
Fourth round results:
Paolo Araullo – Aaron Green  0-1
Daniel Raihman – Igal Raihman  0-1
Leor Wasserman – Alexander Iomdina  1-0
Theo Wolchock – Ryne Swift  0-1
Ahmad Arzhang – Brent Murphy  0-1
Justin Villeneuve – Herny Li  0-1
Fifth round results:
Aaron Green – Igal Raihman  0.5-0.5
Leor Wasserman – Paolo Araullo  1-0
Ryne Swift – Brent Murphy  1-0
Alexander Iomdina – Justin Villeneuve  1-0
Henry Li – Daniel Raihman  1-0
Theo Wolchock – Ahmad Arzhang  1-0