2014 Medieval Festival results

By | July 27, 2014

Blair Rutter reports:

Two blitz tournaments were held at the Medieval Festival in Cooks Creek on Saturday, July 26.  There were 16 competitors in the unrated section.  Zach Pitrowicz and Zachary Piche tied for 1st with 4.0 out of 5.0.  Pitrowicz won the playoff.   In 3rd place was Doug Kiz with a score of 3.0.

There were 12 players in the open section.  Four players tied for 1st with 3.5 out of 5.0:   Sam Lipnowski, Nilo Moncal, Iyer Chandrashekhar and Marcos Valentino.  In the play-off, Sam beat Nilo and Iyer beat Marcos.  Sam beat Iyer in the final to win the tournament.   Francis Trueman won the under 1600 section.

In the Live chess event, Zach Pitrowicz defeated Blair Rutter in a wild and woolly game.

Results of the open tournament were as follows:

3.5   Sam Lipnowski, Iyer Chandrashekhar, Nilo Moncal, Marcos Valentino

3.0   Gustav Baron, Francis Trueman

2.5   Carl Pottinger

2.0   Zach Pitrowicz, Justin Villeneuve

1.5   John Remillard

1.0   Zachary Piche

0.5   Max Korenbaum