2019 August 20 Abe Yanofsky Rapid Satellite tournament results

By | August 21, 2019

Twenty-four players contested the second of three Abe Yanofsky Rapid Satellite tournaments, in which the prizes are full or partial entries to the 2019 Abe Yanofsky Memorial tournament .

Two entries in each of the two sections, Open, and U1800 were the prizes on August 20.  There was a four-way tie for the two Open prizes.

Earning half-entries to the 2019 Abe Yanofsky Memorial Tournament with 3 points were Derek Ma, Theo Wolchock, Gustav Baron, and Blair Rutter. http://www.chessmanitoba.org/tournaments/2019/2019_AY_Aug_20_S_O.htm

In the U1800 section, full entries were won by Larry Samson and newcomer Noah Monk, each scoring 3.5 points, including a well-fought draw in the last round. http://www.chessmanitoba.org/tournaments/2019/2019_AY_Aug_20_S_U.htm

A similar event will be held Tuesday, August 27.  If the number and composition of entries warrant it, there will again be two sections – Open and U1800.