2019 August 27 Abe Yanofsky Rapid Satellite tournament results

By | August 28, 2019

Twenty players contested the last of three Abe Yanofsky Rapid Satellite tournaments, in which the prizes are full or partial entries to the 2019 Abe Yanofsky Memorial tournament .

One entry in Open section, and two entries in the U1800 section were the prizes on August 27.

Derek Ma won another entry to 2019 Abe Yanofsky Memorial Tournament with a perfect score.  http://www.chessmanitoba.org/tournaments/2019/2019_AY_Aug_27_S_O.htm

In the U1800 section, a full entry was won by Jim Melnyk with 3.5 points, with half-entries won by Sashika Kumaragamage and Philipp Gregoryanz, each with 3 points. http://www.chessmanitoba.org/tournaments/2019/2019_AY_Aug_27_S_U.htm