Hamissauga Rapid 1

By | June 9, 2020

Hello All,

Hamissauga (online) Chess Club has another event scheduled for tomorrow evening.

Hamissauga Rapid 1 – Wednesday, June 10 at 7pm (central), 5 round Swiss.
Links below.

This email is going out blind copied to many contacts across Canada to expand our membership.
So, if you are getting this out of the blue, welcome, and please forward to friends who maybe interested.
While OTB chess is down, we can still keep connected via online chess.

This tournament is free, but I hope to add CFC rated events soon. See my posts on CFC discussion board.

If you are new to online chess, you will need to create an account with LiChess. It is free.
Use the links below to find the club & tournament. LiChess will prompt to to create an account.
You may get a chess puzzle to solve, easy checkmate, they are just tripping up the bots.
Different browsers can cause an issue. I recommend Chrome and not Explorer. 🙂
Once you get an account, find the club or tournament, you send a request to join the club.
Once I accept you, then you can join the tournament. 

I am still learning how this works, so if you find the process frustrating, I sympathize. It gets easier. 🙂

Thanks All,

Bob Gillanders, CFC Executive Director


Here is the link to join tournament – Hamissauga Rapid 1


Here is the link to the Hamissauga Chess Club