Rudolf Rocker Chess Club updates

By | February 17, 2023

Mark Jenkins from the Rudolf Rocker Chess Club writes that:

“The primary location for Rudolf Rocker Chess Club casual meetups is
now the Forks Market, 2nd floor seating areas, Saturdays noon-4pm.
These meetups have been extremely well attended and participants have
expressed their appreciation for the location.

Approximately once a month there will also be Rudolf Rocker Chess Club
host on Saturday afternoons at the Millennium Library 2nd floor, the
traditional location for casual chess downtown in recent decades.

The next such meetup will be Saturday March 11th at noon and hosted by
Mark Jenkins. Seating may be limited due to ongoing renovations.

There are still some chess players who come by the library on an
unorganized basis on Saturday afternoons. If you’re checking out the
chess scene there we recommend bringing a chess book and a chess set
so that you can be recognized as a chess player and have something to
do while you wait for someone to play with.”

Further discussion of this is found in the article
on their website.