Brandon Snow Queen Tournament report

By | March 5, 2023

Brandon Snow Queen Tournament

Gilbert ‘Bong’ Perez reports:

The Snow Queen Chess Tournament was a huge success with 43 chess players participating. 1st place in Adult  Division was a tie – Gilbert Perez and Martin Riquelme (from Vincent Massey High School-Brandon);  Matthew Opeyemi was next. In the Junior division, 1st place was won by Jialin Li of River Heights School, while Brody Fehr (Crocus Plains School) placed  second, 3rd was Aaron Cox from Neelin High School. The Kiddies Division was won by Yuhang Zhao, 2nd was Sithum Kadigamuwa (from Melita). while 3rd was a tie between Hailin Li (from River Heights school) and Thium Kadigamuwa (from Melita).
We would like to thank Brandon University for the venue, Brandon teacher organizations for the prizes, and RB Photography for the video and pictures.