Two Rapid Chess Tournaments on Saturday, October 14

By | September 25, 2023

The Manitoba Chess Association will hold 2 tournaments on Saturday, October 14th at St. Mary’s Road United Church, 613 St. Mary’s Road.

Some players are eligible to play in either or both tournaments.  

To pre-register, text or phone Tournament Director Al MacPherson at 204-898-8485 or email Tony Boron at

CFC membership required (valid for 12 months – $25 for adults, $ 17 for juniors) contact for details and/or can be obtained at CFC site

New players without CFC Memberships must pre-register. Onsite registration will not be accepted for new players.

Morning Under-1600 Tournament

Players must be unrated or have both CFC and FIDE quick (rapid) ratings below 1600.

$15 early pre-payment entry fee to until Thursday, October 12th. After October 12th entry costs $20.

All players under age 12 must have a guardian in attendance. 

Onsite registration from 830am with first round starting at 9am. 

Final round expected to end after 12 noon. 

5 round Swiss system with time control of 12 minutes with a 10 second delay.

Afternoon Tournament

Afternoon tournament will have an Open section and optional lower section. Lower section to be determined closer to the tournament start.

Players must be at least 16 years of age (born 2007 or earlier) or have CFC/FIDE ratings above 1400. No exceptions.

$15 early pre-payment entry fee to until Thursday, October 12th. After October 12th entry costs $20.

Onsite registration from 1230pm with first round starting at 1pm 

Final round expected to end around 6pm. 

5 round Swiss system with time control of 20 minutes with a 10 second delay.

Notes for both tournaments

  • $$ prizes depending on entries.
  • MCA anti-cheating protocols in effect.
  • Rating formula is higher of FIDE rapid / CFC quick. Otherwise, CFC standard, then FIDE standard. 
  • Tournaments are CFC and FIDE rated.
  • Some rounds may feature forced byes depending on player count.  
  • Recording of moves not required. 
  • Limited parking on church property but there is free local street parking. 
  • Front room of church will be available for game reviews, socializing, waiting.


  • Pre-registered as ofOct 12
    Evan Miles1530
    Amangeldi Abdildin1525
    Cole Simpson1469
    Mohammad Movahedipour1424
    Rhailey Punay1417
    Bryan Zhang1362
    Nicole Zhang1361
    Amir Golzadeh1335
    Yuchen Li1328
    Dineth Balamanage1315
    John Chan1287
    Fedor Kutuzov1213
    Zizun Albert Zhang1172
    Victor Odusanya1096
    Luke Lampman1094
    Zach Nathaniel Lee1070
    Zhenting Yang766
    Zelus Huiunr
    Alden Minukunr
    Abdo-Jose Tomajianunr
    Kobe Forsythunr
    Patrick Macaulayunr
    Ivan Mishchenkounr
    Steven Paziukunr
    Jonathon Zaczek2267
    Marlon Jodar2228
    Gustav Baron2075
    James Currie2023
    Ibukun Orogun1992
    Jackson Stordeur
    Micah Igubor1917
    Gilbert Perez1886
    Anthony Boron1860
    Zach Gies1770
    Mick Aiello1747
    Jaimin Patel1706
    Larry Samson1697
    James Melnyk1676
    Nathan Vaughan1672
    John Klokow1662
    Aiden Ling1619
    Keith Gannon1460
    Mohammad Movahedipour1424
    John Chan1287
    Victor Odusanya1096