Code of Conduct

Manitoba Chess Association

Code of Conduct

To promote good sportsmanship and to create a welcoming environment for all chess players, the Manitoba Chess Association has adopted the following code of conduct and sanctions.

Code of Conduct

  1. Electronic devices must be turned off prior to the start of a game.
  2. All players are encouraged to shake hands before and following games.
  3. Once the game has commenced, no talking is permitted, except as allowed by the rules of chess (e.g. saying “I adjust” or “j’adoube” before adjusting a piece; offering or accepting a draw offer). Note:  you are only permitted to adjust a piece during your move.
  4. No profanity is permitted at any time.
  5. Distracting or otherwise disturbing your opponent is not permitted.
  6. Disturbing or commenting on another game in progress is not permitted.
  7. Once a game is completed, players are not permitted to analyze the game in the tournament room if other games remain in progress. Any analysis of games is to occur outside the tournament room.
  8. Eating at the table is not permitted. Drinking (non-alcoholic) beverages is permitted, providing it is in a bottle or sealed container.  No open coffee cups.
  9. All moves (including castling, capturing & promotion) must be made with one hand. The clock must be pressed with the same hand as used to move the piece.  (FIDE rule 4.1).
  10. In the case of any dispute, do not argue with your opponent. Calmly pause the clock and ask the Tournament Director for a ruling.
  11. A player who intends to withdraw from any tournament must notify the Tournament Director prior to the start of the following round. This avoids a loss by forfeiture and ensures no player (who has paid to play) is paired with a no-show.


  1. Electronics Policy; In keeping with FIDE Laws of Chess Sections 11.3.2 & 12.8:
    1. Players are forbidden to have any electronic device not specifically approved by the arbiter.
    2. Electronic devices, including cell phones and smart watches shall be turned off and placed on the table next to the game board, never to be removed or accessed during gameplay.
    3. Listening devices of any kind are forbidden.
    4. Cell phones are not to be used in the vicinity of the playing venue, by players or spectators.
    5. Electronics infractions can result in penalties up to and including immediate game forfeit and expulsion from the event.


  1. The Tournament Director will issue a warning for minor breaches of etiquette (e.g. talking) during a game / tournament. Further breaches can be penalized by awarding time to an opponent (usually 2 minutes), or declaring the game lost.  Major breaches of etiquette (e.g. profanity, bashing of pieces or clock) will result in loss of the game, and may result in expulsion from the tournament and/or sanction by the Board of the Manitoba Chess Association.


  1. The Tournament Director will determine whether a breach of etiquette is minor or major, and the appropriate penalty. All such decisions are to be respected, subject to appeal to an arbitration committee (if established) or the Board of the Manitoba Chess Association.  Any appeals to the Board must be made in writing.


  1. As permitted under Section 53 of the MCA constitution, the Board may cause the suspension of Membership of any Member for the following reasons:
  • Misuse of the property or facilities of the Association;
  • Physical or verbal abuse of a Tournament Director or any other player;
  • Theft of property of the Association;
  • Cheating or any attempts at cheating.

The Board will determine the length of suspension and will provide its decision in writing to the Member.  Any Member who is served with notice of suspension will have 30 days in which to appeal the decision, in writing or in person to the Board.

Adopted by the Board of the Manitoba Chess Association, November 2023