Directions to CMU

600 Shaftesbury –  South of Grant – West Side of Shaftesbury




Parking – Near the N or M on the map.

Enter the building at the entrance between 20 and 21 on the map


To get to the Chess room D33.

After entering, there is a staircase on the left. Go up the stairs, the room is on the second floor, very close to the stairs.

There is also an elevator, just past the right side of the stair case.

Washrooms on the main floor – on the south side of the stairs.



Rules at CMU


  1. The consumption and/or sale of Alcoholic Beverages and/or drugs or any kind, is not permitted

on CMU property at any time.

  1. CMU is striving to be a smoke free campus. This information must be made known to all

individuals using CMU facilities. There is no smoking or vaping permitted anywhere on CMU


  1. CMU is striving to be a scent-free environment. In recognition of individuals who struggle with

asthma, allergies and environmental/chemical sensitivities, please refrain from wearing

fragrances and scented products on campus.


Notes for Competition


  1. If you are unable to attend for a round, please advise before 6:50 p.m.  of the night of the round. Otherwise, we will assume that you are attending, and you will be paired. For the current tournament, please contact Tony Boron @ 204 798 9464 and/or
  2. You will be required to keep score (notation) of your game. Scoresheets will be provided. Please bring a pen to use. If you have not kept score before, make your best attempt, you will soon be proficient !
  3. At the conclusion of the game, you and your opponent should sign their own and each other’s scoresheets with the result clearly indicated, and hand a copy in to the Tournament Director.