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Over 100 quality books at great prices – mostly Gambit and New in Chess publications. I’ll be working on a list as time permits, but for now here are some pictures displaying part of the collection.

Immortal Game: a History of Chess, Or How 32 Carved Pieces on a Board Illuminated Our Understanding of War, Art, Science and the Human Brain, TheShenk, David9780385662260Bond Street Books2006-09-054
Encyclopedia of Chess WisdomSchiller, Eric9780940685932Cardoza Publishing1998-11-014
Modern Stonewall DutchSchiller, EricChess Enterprises2
An Illustrated Dictionary of ChessBrace, Edward R.Coles2
How Computers Play ChessLevy, David; Newborn, MontyComputer Science Press1
Reinfeld on the Endgame in ChessReinfeld, FredDover1
Sevilla 1987: Kasparov KarpovBronstein, DavidEditorial Radula1
101 Brilliant Chess MiniaturesNunn, John9781901983166Gambit Publications2000-02-01 4
101 Chess Questions AnsweredGiddins, Steve9781906454005Gambit Publications2008-10-078
50 Essential Chess LessonsGiddins, Steve9781904600411Gambit Publications2006-02-019
50 Ways to Win at ChessGiddins, Steve9781904600855Gambit Publications2007-11-218
Chess College 1: StrategyGrivas, Efstratios|Logothetis, Sotiris9781904600459Gambit Publications2006-04-207
Chess College 3: TechniqueGrivas, Efstratios9781904600572Gambit Publications2006-08-017
Chess Explained: the c3 SicilianCollins, Sam9781904600718Gambit Publications2007-05-016
Chess Explained: the Classical SicilianYermolinsky, Alex9781904600428Gambit Publications2006-03-017
Chess Explained: the English OpeningFranco, Zenon|Carballo, Manuel Perez9781904600596Gambit Publications2006-10-017
Chess Explained: the FrenchEingorn, Viacheslav|Bogdanov, Valentin|Giddins, Steve9781904600954Gambit Publications2008-02-267
Creative Chess Opening PreparationEingorn, Viacheslav|Sugden, John9781904600589Gambit Publications2006-09-018
Cunning Chess Opening Repertoire for White, ABurgess, Graham9781906454630Gambit Publications2013-10-158
Gambit Guide to the Benko Gambit, ThePedersen, Steffen|McSpadden, Joseph Walker9781901983159Gambit Publications1999-05-014
Grandmaster Secrets: Winning Quickly at ChessNunn, John9781904600893Gambit Publications2008-02-269
How to Defend in ChessCrouch, Colin9781904600831Gambit Publications2007-08-018
How to Use Computers to Improve Your ChessKongsted, Christian9781904600022Gambit Publications2003-11-014
Improve Your Chess - by Learning from the ChampionsHansen, Lars Bo9781906454128Gambit Publications2009-08-2510
Instructive Modern Chess MasterpiecesStohl, Igor9781901983425Gambit Publications2001-05-0112
John Nunn's Chess Puzzle BookNunn, John9781901983081Gambit Publications1999-05-014
John Nunn's Chess Puzzle BookNunn, John9781906454036Gambit Publications2009-03-107
Lessons in Chess StrategyBeim, Valeri|Lock, Gavin9781901983937Gambit Publications2003-11-019
Mastering the Chess Openings volume 4Watson, John9781906454197Gambit Publications2010-05-259
Most Valuable Skills in ChessAshley, Maurice9781904600879Gambit Publications2009-09-224
Play the Open Games as BlackEmms, John9781901983272Gambit Publications2000-10-018
Road to Chess Improvement, TheYermolinsky, Alex9781901983241Gambit Publications2000-07-018
Rock-Solid Chess Opening Repertoire for Black, AEingorn, Viacheslav9781906454319Gambit Publications2012-05-226
Secrets of Chess Endgame StrategyHansen, Lars Bo9781904600442Gambit Publications2006-04-019
Secrets of Chess IntuitionBeliavsky, Alexander|Mikhalchishin, Adrian|Lock, Gavin9781901983524Gambit Publications2001-12-014
Secrets of Positional ChessMarovic, Drazen9781901983739Gambit Publications2003-08-019
Secrets of Practical ChessNunn, John9781904600701Gambit Publications2007-06-019
Test Your ChessPedersen, Steffen9781901983357Gambit Publications2001-03-015
Winning Chess ExplainedFranco, Zenon|Carballo, Manuel Perez9781904600466Gambit Publications2006-05-017
Chess Informant 104 2008Matanovic: Chess InformantInformant3
Chess Informant 105: 2009Matanovic: Chess InformantInformant3
C.O.O.L. ChessMotwani, Paul9781879479517International Chess Enterprises1997-07-015
Strategic Opening Repertoire, ADonaldson, John9781879479760International Chess Enterprises1998-04-015
Unknown Bobby Fischer, TheTangborn, Eric|Donaldson, John9781879479852International Chess Enterprises1999-12-015
Complete Defense for Black, AKeene, Raymond D.|Jacobs, Byron9781879479340Intl Chess Enterprises1986-08-152
Complete Defense for Black, AKeene, Raymond D.|Jacobs, Byron|Keene, Raymond9781879479340Intl Chess Enterprises1986-08-152
Endgame PlayWard, Chris9781879479371Intl Chess Enterprises1996-09-054
Chess Lists: Second EditionSoltis, AndyMcFarland & Company4
Los Voraces 2019: A Chess NovelSoltis, Andrew|Soltis, Andy9780786416370McFarland & Company2003-10-012
Tragic Life and Short Chess Career of James A. Leonard, 1841-1862, TheHilbert, John Samuel|Winter, Edward9780786422982McFarland & Company2005-12-0135
1.D4 Beat The GuerrillasBronznik, Valeri9789056913731New in Chess2011-12-169
After Magnus: Who can dethrone the World Chess Champion?Giri, Anish9789056916268New In Chess20163
Bobby Fischer for Beginners: The Most Famous Chess Player ExplainedVerwer, Renzo9789056913151New in Chess2010-05-151
Centre-Stage and Behind the ScenesAverbakh, Yuri9789056913649New In Chess2011-09-165
Chess Instructor, TheGiddins, Steve|Bosch, Jeroen9789056912475New in Chess2008-09-186
Coffeehouse Chess TacticsHealy, John9789056913281New in Chess2010-11-163
Complete C3 Sicilian: The Alapin Variation by Its Greatest Expert, TheSveshnikov, Evgeny9789056913298New in Chess2010-11-1612
Dismantling The SicilianVilla, Jesus de la9789056912949New in Chess2009-12-019
Enigma of Chess Intuition: Can You Mobilize Hidden Forces in Your Chess?, TheBeim, Valeri9789056913793New in Chess2012-06-169
Fischer World Champion!Euwe, Max|Nunn, JohnNew in Chess5
Four Knights Game: A New Repertoire in an Old Chess Opening, TheObodchuk, Andrey9789056913724New in Chess2011-12-167
Joys of Chess: Heroes, Battles and Brilliancies, TheHesse, Christian9789056913557New in Chess2011-07-1612
Mastering Positional Chess: Practical Lessons from a Junior World ChampionNaroditsky, Daniel9789056913106New in Chess2010-03-0111
Max Euwe: The BiographyMunninghoffNew in Chess12
Open Games - Tactics in the Opening - 2Stricht, Geert Van Der|Nijboer, Friso|Tak, A. C. van der9789056911249New in Chess2004-01-015
Revolutionize Your Chess: A Brand-New System to Become a Better PlayerMoskalenko, Viktor9789056912956New in Chess2010-01-0112
Steamrolling the Sicilian: Play for a Win with 5.f3!Kasparov, Sergey9789056914356New in Chess2013-12-079
Tune Your Chess Tactics Antenna: Know WhenNeiman, Emmanuel9789056914042New in Chess2013-03-167
Botvinnik - Petrosian: The 1963 World Chess Championship MatchBotvinnik, Mikhail9789056913144New In Chess,Csi2010-08-166
Chess Opening Essentials Volume 4Djuric, Stefan|Komarov, Dimitri|Pantaleoni, Claudio9789056913083New In Chess,Csi2010-07-018
Chessmen: Pleasures and TreasuresMackett-Beeson, AEJHCOctopus2
Capablanca in the UK: 1911-1920Fiala, VlastimilHCOlomouc20
Philip Richardson: The Stormy Petrol of ChessHilbert, John S.HCOlomouc20
How to Beat Bobby FischerMednis, EdmarHCQuadrangle10
Chess LessonsPopov, Vladimir9781906552824Quality Chess2011-04-019
Karpov's Collected GamesLevy, DavidHCRHM10
Soviet Chess ConveyorShereveski, MikhailSeiko30
Chess Openings: Theory and PracticeHorowitz, I.A.HC DJSimon Schuster5
Kasparov Versus Deep Blue: Computer Chess Comes of AgeNewborn, Monty|Newborn, Monroe9780387948201Springer1996-12-133
Encyclopedia of Chess WisdomSunnucks, AnneSt. Martins Press2
Sicilian c3Thomas, MThe Chess Player1
Paul Morphy: The Pride and Sorrow of ChessLawson, David|Aiello, Thomas9781887366977University of Louisiana2010-09-285
Chess Informant 108 2010Matanovic: Chess Informant3
Issue 2 2003New in Chess Magazines1

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February 28, 2016

Jack Woodbury has donated many items from his chess collection – below is the book list –  to be added are some sets and software:

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Note: the Rosenbloom list below has been updated for Sold items

Earl Rosenbloom (chess player active in the 60’s, 70’s, early 80’s) passed away in late 2014. His widow, Choo,  donated Earl’s chess material to the Association. Below is  list of the books.
Please let me know ( if there is anything you want to inspect for  your collection, and I will bring it to a Tuesday night round.  Proceeds will be used in some fashion for an Earl Rosenbloom Memorial tournament.

100 Master Games of Modern Chess Tartakower and Du Mont descriptive 3
Chess Openings Horowitz descriptive 6
Chess Panorama Lombardy and Daniels descriptive HC 2
Encyclopedia of Chess Openings – E Informant algebraic 3
How Fischer Plays Chess Levy descriptive 4
Idea behind the Chess Openings Fine descriptive 3
Informant 20 Informant algebraic 5
Informant 22 Informant algebraic 5
King’s Indian – Saemisch Variation Keene descriptive 3
King’s Indian and Gruenfeld Gipslis ink blotches descriptive 1
Konigsindisch bis Grunfeld-Verteidigung Boleslawski algebraic HC 7
Learn Chess from the Masters Reinfeld descriptive 3
MCO 6th edition Fine descriptive HC TBD
Modern Ideas in Chess Openings Horowitz (very poor) descriptive 0.5
Morphy’s Games of Chess Sergeant 1916 descriptive HC TBD
My System Nimzovich descriptive 3
Nimzo-Indian Defence Chess Digest descriptive 2
Practical Chess Endings Chernev descriptive 3
Sicilian Defence: Paulsen Variation Moiseev descriptive 1
Solitaire Chess Horowitz descriptive 2
Tarrasch Defence Taimanov descriptive 4
The Art of the Middlegame Keres and Kotov descriptive 4
The Joys of Chess Reinfeld descriptive 3
Total Chess Spanier algebraic 7
U.S Championship Chess Lombardy & Daniels descriptive HC 8

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Other Books being sold by the club:

Sahovska olimpijada Skopje 1972HC10