2022 Zoltan Bodnar Memorial – Round 3 results

Bennet Charter upset Gustav Baron on Board 1, and is now the sole leader with 3 points.

Bd ResWhite Black Res
11 Bennet Charter (1746 2.0)Gustav L Baron (2083 2.0)0
20 Mick Aiello (1555 2.0)Jackson Stordeur (1737 1.5)1
30 Iqvinder Singh Dhillon (1196 1.5)Anthony Boron (2016 1.5)1
40 Mark Klusa (1548 1.0)Blair Rutter (1887 1.0)1
50 Al MacPherson (1704 1.0)Pietro Aiello (1524 1.0)1
60 Emmanuel Odeyemi (1477 1.0)John Remillard (1566 1.0)1
71 Cory Letain (1778 0.5)Allan Roberts (1426 1.0)0
80 Thomas Pearce (1642 0.0)Nathan Vaughan (1582 0.5)1
90 Bryan Zhang (1293 0.0)Francis Trueman (1423 0.0)1
.5John V. Minano (1766 1.0)BYE



2022 Zoltan Bodnar Memorial – Round 2 results

Gustav Baron, Bennet Charter, and Mick Aiello lead with 2 points.

Bd ResWhite Black Res
11 Gustav L Baron (2083 1.0)Al MacPherson (1704 1.0)0
20 John V. Minano (1766 1.0)Mick Aiello (1555 1.0)1
31 Bennet Charter (1746 1.0)Emmanuel Odeyemi (1477 1.0)0
40.5Iqvinder Singh Dhillon (1196 1.0)Jackson Stordeur (1737 1.0)0.5
51 Blair Rutter (1887 0.0)Cory Letain (1778 0.5)0
61 Allan Roberts (1426 0.0)Thomas Pearce (1642 0.0)0
71 John Remillard (1566 0.0)Bryan Zhang (1293 0.0)0
80 Francis Trueman (1423 0.0)Pietro Aiello (1524 0.0)1
0.5Anthony Boron (2016 1.0)BYE
0.5Nathan Vaughan (1582 0.0)BYE
0.5Mark Klusa (1548 0.5)BYE
0.5Ken Einarsson (1747 0.0)BYE



MCA 2022 December Online CFC Rated QR tournament – Round 1 results

Eighteen players have started the tournament.  You can join the tournament next Tuesday with a half-point for Round 1.

Bd ResWhite Black Res
10 Iqvinder Singh Dhillon (1884)Nathan Vaughan (1428)1
20 Mc Jones Ranario (1427)Anthony Boron (1881)1
31 Geethika Kadigamuwa (1700)Xingyu Chen (1376)0
40 Dennis Foerster (1358)Paul Wetzel (1695)1
51 Quinn Tays (1664)Ayaan Sharma (1056)0
60 Shahmirzad Pahlavanialamdari (unr.)Charitha Hansima (1638)1
70 Rohit Sharma (1565)Sumant Sharma (unr.)1
81 Juan Vasquez (unr.)Sachintha Lenawala (1542)0
0.5Peter Baxted (1835)BYE
0.5Gilbert Perez (1874)BYE

Crosstable at:


MCA 2022 December Online CFC Rated QR (G/25 minutes) tournament on Tornelo starts Thursday, December 8 9:30 P.M.

CFC (Chess Federation of Canada) rated. All players must be members of the CFC.

4 round Swiss System tournament

Time control of G 25 10 (25 minutes per player plus 10 second per move increment)

1 round (game) on each of

Thursday, December 8 Thursday, December 15 Thursday, December 22 Thursday, December 29

starting at 9:30 p.m.

Players must be visible on Zoom

There will be no entry fee, and no prize fund.

Any number of half-point byes will be allowed.

New players to the Tornelo platform will have to sign up at Tornelo – Tornelo requires the use of real names – which is part of their Fair Play philosophy. You will receive a confirmation email from Tornelo that you will have to respond to. (Please check your spam folder in case it ended up there).


After you have signed up with an ‘account’, you should be able to see a ‘join as a player’ button in the Lobby at the following link:


So, that is like pre-registering for a tournament. On the night of the tournament, you have to check-in. Then the arbiter can make pairings being assured that everyone is there and/or give byes as needed. So it is no problem to register for the tournament and not show up (but as a courtesy please advise to chessmanitoba@gmail.com). You will only be paired if you are checked-in on Tuesday night by 9:30 p.m.

Please register for the first round any time (any day) prior to 9:30 p.m. on **Thursday December 8 ** (the earlier the better). This will allow time for the arbiter to ensure that all players are current CFC members and to use the appropriate CFC rating for pairings.

Let me know if you have any problems signing up/in.

Thanks, Tony Boron

MCA Tournament Coordinator


CFC annual membership renewals are $25 (contact chessmanitoba@gmail.com) Juniors $ 17. For new CFC members, the fee is also $ 25 ($ 17 for Juniors).

2022 Zoltan Bodnar Memorial – Round 1 results

Twenty players have started the 2022 Zoltan Bodnar Memorial tournament

Bd ResWhiteBlack Res 
10 Nathan Vaughan (1582)Gustav L Baron (2083)1
21 Anthony Boron (2016)John Remillard (1566)0
31 Mick Aiello (1555)Blair Rutter (1887)0
4½ Cory Letain (1778)Mark Klusa (1548)½
50 Pietro Aiello (1524)John V. Minano (1766)1
60 Ken Einarsson (1747)Emmanuel Odeyemi (1477)1
70 Allan Roberts (1426)Bennet Charter (1746)1
81 Jackson Stordeur (1737)Francis Trueman (1423)0
90 Bryan Zhang (1293)Al MacPherson (1704)1
100 Thomas Pearce (1642)Iqvinder Singh Dhillon (1196)1



CFC has rated the November Rapid and Jay Khedkar Memorial

2022 November 26 Rapid



2022 Jay Khedkar Memorial


FIDE updates ratings once per month – this tournament will be rated by FIDE at the end of December.


FIDE has rated the 2022 November 26 Rapid


Only a few players had rating changes – those players had existing FIDE standard ratings and played other FIDE rated players in the tournament.  If an unrated player scores zero (against FIDE rated players) in their first event this score is
disregarded. It appears that 10 unrated FIDE players scored at least a point against FIDE rated players, so they are on their way to getting in the 5 games against FIDE rared opponents;

Per FIDE rule 7.14:
A rating for a player new to the list shall be published when it is based on 5 games against (FIDE) rated opponents. This need not be met in one tournament.
Results from other tournaments played within consecutive rating periods of not more than 26 months are pooled to obtain the initial rating.


2022 Jay Khedkar Memorial – Final Round results

Marlon Jodar defeated Michael Odugbesan on Board 1, in an exciting game that had the kibitzers buzzing downstairs, to join Gustav Baron at 4.5 points.  Jodar and Baron shared 1st/2nd prize money.

Top U1800 was Bennet Charter(making a return after a fourteen year absence from CFC play) with 3.5 points.

Top U1400 was Emmanuel Odeyemi with 2.5 points.

Jodar, Charter, Odeyemi, Baron, TD Boron

Cross-table with FIDE ratings/IDs in brackets at:


Bd ResWhite Black Res
11 Marlon Jodar (2310 3.5)Adedapo Odugbesan (2228 4.0)0
20 Charitha Hansima (1657 3.0)Gustav L Baron (2058 3.5)1
30 Emmanuel Odeyemi (1298 2.5)Bennet Charter (1727 2.5)1
41 Blair Rutter (1900 2.0)John V. Minano (1794 2.0)0
51 Cory Letain (1799 2.0)Zixuan [Joe] Zhou (1267 2.0)0
61 Mike Skop (1645 2.0)John Remillard (1537 2.0)0
70.5Al MacPherson (1749 1.5)Ken Einarsson (1809 1.5)0.5
81 Udaya Annakkage (1793 1.5)Sachintha Lenawala (unr. 1.5)0
90.5Rohit Sharma (1611 1.5)John Klokow (1661 1.0)0.5
101 Pietro Aiello (1613 1.0)John March (1310 1.0)0
11F1 XBryan Zhang (1231 0.5)Liexi You (unr. 0.0)0 F
0.5Anthony Boron (2011 2.5)BYE

2022 November FIDE Rated Rapid Chess Tournament results

Thirty players contested the 2022 November FIDE and CFC Rated Rapid Tournament at St. Mary’s Church on November 26.  Originally structured as a rating tournament with no prizes, the large turnout allowed for some cash prizes.

Newcomer Volodymer Samiilo won the tournament with a smooth 4.5 points from 5 games.

Tournament Director /Organizer Al MacPherson congratulating Volodymer Samiilo.

Sharing second with 4 points, Bohdan Chychkevych (also new to Winnipeg), Mark Klusa, Iqvinder Dhillon, and Mike Skop.

2nd place winners with Al MacPherson

Bohdan and Volodymer clash in Round 3 on Board 1.

A view of the playing hall.



2022 Jay Khedkar Memorial – Round 4 results

Michael Odugbesan leads with 4 points. Gustav Baron and Marlon Jodar are a half-point back.

Cross-table with FIDE ratings/IDs in brackets at:


Bd ResWhite Black Res
11 Adedapo Odugbesan (2228 3.0)Charitha Hansima (1657 3.0)0
21 Gustav L Baron (2058 2.5)Cory Letain (1799 2.0)0
30 John V. Minano (1794 2.0)Marlon Jodar (2310 2.5)1
4½ Bennet Charter (1727 2.0)Blair Rutter (1900 1.5)½
51 Anthony Boron (2011 1.5)Al MacPherson (1749 1.5)0
60 Sachintha Lenawala (unr. 1.5)Mike Skop (1645 1.0)1
71 Emmanuel Odeyemi (1298 1.5)Rohit Sharma (1611 1.5)0
80 John Klokow (1661 1.0)Zixuan [Joe] Zhou (1267 1.0)1
91 John Remillard (1537 1.0)Pietro Aiello (1613 1.0)0
101 Thomas Pearce (1669 0.5)Dennis Foerster (1358 0.5)0
111 Ken Einarsson (1809 0.5)Liexi You (unr. 0.0)0
½ Bryan Zhang (1231 0.0)BYE
½ Jackson Stordeur (1589 2.0)BYE
0 Xingyu [Spark] Chen (1697 1.5)BYE
0 John March (1310 1.0)BYE
0 Will Bonness (1837 2.5)BYE
0 Udaya Annakkage (1793 1.5)BYE
0 Ante Mandusic (1222 0.5)BYE
0 Conrado Foglio Bonda (unr. 1.5)BYE

Gilbert Perez reports on the 2022 Banff Open

Gilbert (Bong) Perez:

The tournament spanned November 11 to 13, 2022 at the Banff Centre (Alberta). 130 chess players from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, USA, and a Manitoba contingent of Theo Wolchock, Marcos Valentino, Luis Exconde, Joshua Gerona, and Bong Perez participated.  Jojo Nones, now residing in  BC, was number 3 seed in the Open section.

This is the 7th edition of the  Banff Open; GM Nick di Firmian of California emerged as the champion after a playoff.   2nd  Sherzod Khodjimatov, 3rd Rafael Arrubarrena, 4th Leo Lin. All had 5 points from 6 rounds.  5th and  6th were Jojo Nones (former Manitoban) and Theo Wolchock with 4.5 points, they drew each other in Round 6.

The U2000 category is won by Eric Jin with 5 points, tied for 2nd was Joshua Gerona from Winnipeg  with 4.5 points. Gilbert Perez was a half-point back at 4 points.The U1600 category was won by Ricky McCoshen; top unrated was won by Manitoban Luis Exconde.

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