Manitoba Chess Association announces online tournaments

The Manitoba Chess Association will be hosting online blitz and rapid tournaments for the next 4 weeks on Lichess. The first tournament will be held on Tuesday, May 26 at 7:00 pm and will be a blitz tournament (8 round Swiss, 3/2 time control). The tournament on the following Tuesday (June 2 at 7:00 pm) will be a rapid tournament (5 round Swiss, 10/5 time control). A blitz tournament will be held again on June 9 and a rapid tournament again on June 16.

To participate you must first register as a player at and then sign up as a member of the Manitoba Chess Association lichess team at this link.

Once you are a member of the MCA team, you can join any of the 4 tournaments posted on the team page. To do so, you must join the tournament prior to 7:00 pm on the scheduled Tuesday. Anyone (including those outside Manitoba) are welcome to join.

No entry fee. No prize fund. Pairings will be done automatically based on your lichess rating (which is 1500 for new players).

Tournament director: Theo Wolchock

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Manitoba vs Minnesota match and Blitz arena tournament


Theo Wolchock is excited to announce that we will be bringing back the Manitoba vs Minnesota matches which will be taking place this Sunday May 24th at 1:00 PM. Each team consists of an A-Squad (Above 2000) and a B-Squad (Below 2000) with four players in each section. Each quad will be a 4 game round-robin with a time control of 15 + 10. Games will be started on the hour, the full schedule with teams, lichess usernames, and pairings and be accessed here:
Facebook event page:
In addition, there will be a blitz arena afterwards (5pm) open to anyone, on the team or not! The event will be streamed with live analysis on NM Frank Johnson’s channel:

Link to join lichess blitz arena:

Invitation to Calgary Chess Club Online Tournaments

We have received an invitation from Matthew Atwood of the Calgary Chess Club:

Hello chess players:

The Paul Morphy Memorial Friday Blitz Series continues this Friday with the Calgary Chess Club!

When: Friday, April 24th at 7:15pm (8:15 Central)

What: 7 rounds of 3/2 time control



Registration opens one hour before the event so make sure to join early to guarantee your spot as the event will start at 7:15 sharp. (8:15 Central)

Note: you must be signed in to a account to access the link above – if you don’t have one already, it’s free to create so make sure you do it well in advance. The tournament will open for joiners shortly before 7:15pm (8:15 Central). In case you have issues, please reach out to Matthew Atwood at 587-216-8314 or

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Calgary Chess Club

2020 March TNT

The 2020 March TNT results for two rounds have been submitted to the CFC and FIDE for rating, and the tournament has ended. There will be no prizes awarded.

CFC crosstable here:

The tournament entry fee of $20 will be refunded for the 2020 March TNT- we can do this most quickly and socially distant by e-transfer, if that works for you.

If e-transfer is not an option for you, and you would like your refund before the next tournament (unknown at this time), please contact me at

Otherwise we will hold the funds for you until after the current crisis.

2020 Herb Gregory Memorial (March TnT) Round 2 results

There are now 32 players in the tournament. Some very interesting games tonight; we’ll have to wait until the pgns are prepared to analyze the missed opportunities.

Bd ResWhite BlackRes
10 Harshani Konara (1956 1.0)Isaac Wiebe (2202 1.0)1
20 Rolando Bince (1935 1.0)Jeff Babb (2126 1.0)1
30 Michael Hopper (2062 1.0)Jim Green (1854 1.0)1
40 Cory Letain (1829 1.0)Oyeyemi A Abioye (2058 1.0)1
51 Anthony Boron (2016 1.0)John Klokow (1653 1.0)0
6.5 Udaya Annakkage (1791 1.0)Ken Kowal (1973 1.0).5
70 James A. Melnyk (1672 0.5)Theo Wolchock (2253 0.5)1
81 Ken Einarsson (1798 0.5)Bob March (1068 0.5)0
91 Ethan Eckert (1828 0.0)Peter Magyar (1442 0.0)0
10.5Keith Gannon (1444 0.0)Ievgeniia-Diana Furda (1620 0.0).5
111 Zachary Piche (1599 0.0)Gavin Wijeweera (1402 0.0)0
121 Wilfredo Tiqui (1434 0.0)John Remillard (1591 0.0)0
131 Richard Ott (1520 0.0)Elshan Bordbar (unr. 0.0)0
14F0 FCory Ash (1310 0.0)Philipp Gregoryanz (1457 0.0)1 X
.5Blair Rutter (1898 1.0)BYE
.5Ibukun Orogun (1852 1.0)BYE
.5Mike Skop (1647 0.0)BYE

2020 Herb Gregory Memorial (March TNT) Round 1 results.

Twenty-eight players have started the CFC and FIDE rated 5-round tournament. In Round 1, all the rating favourites won, except for the result on Board 2. You can still join the tournament next Tuesday, with a half-point bye for the first round.


Bd ResWhite BlackRes
11Isaac Wiebe (2202 - 0.0)Ethan Eckert (1828 - 0.0)0
21John Klokow (1653 - 0.0)Gustav L Baron (2133 - 0.0)0
31Jeff Babb (2126 - 0.0)Mike Skop (1647 - 0.0)0
40Ievgeniia-Diana Furda (1620 - 0.0)Michael Hopper (2062 - 0.0)1
51Oyeyemi A Abioye (2058 - 0.0)Zachary Piche (1599 - 0.0)0
60John Remillard (1591 - 0.0)Anthony Boron (2016 - 0.0)1
71Ken Kowal (1973 - 0.0)Richard Ott (1520 - 0.0)0
80Philipp Gregoryanz (1457 - 0.0)Harshani Konara (1956 - 0.0)1
91Rolando Bince (1935 - 0.0)Keith Gannon (1444 - 0.0)0
100Peter Magyar (1442 - 0.0)Blair Rutter (1898 - 0.0)1
111Jim Green (1854 - 0.0)Wilfredo Tiqui (1434 - 0.0)0
120Gavin Wijeweera (1402 - 0.0)Ibukun Orogun (1852 - 0.0)1
131Cory Letain (1829 - 0.0)Cory Ash (1310 - 0.0)0
140Elshan Bordbar (unr. - 0.0)Udaya Annakkage (1791 - 0.0)1

2020 March TNT (Herb Gregory Memorial) starts Tuesday, March 3

2020 March TNT Tournament (Herb Gregory Memorial)
Location: University of Winnipeg – Rm 4CM42

One Section – CFC and FIDE Rated Event

$ 20 entry fee – Prizes will be based on entries.

5 rounds – 1 game on each Tuesday March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

(This is not a knockout tournament, players will play all 5 rounds) (Players may take up to 1 half-point and any number of zero-point byes. 

Half-point byes for round 5 must be requested before Round 2. 

Please note that we intend to start the first round at 7:00 p.m. sharp.  FIDE Zero tolerance rule not in effect (you will not forfeited if you are late, but will lose after 1 hour of being late).

There is one game per week. All of the TNTs are Swiss (pairing) style tournaments with a time control of G /105 minutes plus a five-second increment from move 1. [Each player has 1 hour 45 minutes to complete their moves, the game will be be approx. 3 hours and 40 minutes maximum].
Start time is 7:00 pm -$ 20 entry fee and CFC membership required.
All players must be CFC members (can be obtained during registration on-site)[$ 20 for a one-tournament adult membership or $ 25 for 12 months- new adult members pay $ 0 for a twelve-month CFC membership, ]Junior (under 20) members pay $ 10 for a one-tournament membership, $ 17 for a twelve-month CFC membership, new junior members pay only $ 0 for a twelve month CFC membership, or $ 0 for a one-tournament membership] .

Registration for tournament -Tuesday, March 3 – approximately 6:35 pm to 6:50 pm Registration will be cut off at 6:50 pm. Tournament Director/Registrar will be  Blair Rutter 204-298 6961
Players can join in Round 2  , they will receive a half-point bye for Round 1. Location: University of Winnipeg – Rm 4CM42

Getting to 4CM42: (written by Mark Jenkins) Location is room 4CM42 in Centennial Hall at the University of Winnipeg. This room is a bit tricky to get to because the escalators only go to the 4th floor and do not go to the 4CM mezzanine level. Give yourself time to find the room. Either take the Centennial Hall elevator direct to the 4CM level, or take the Lockhart Hall (Ellice entrance) elevator to level 5 and cross over from the Lockhart level 5 to Centennial Hall 4CM (note, this elevator isn’t always available) or take the escalators to the 4th floor and then use the stairs between the escalator and library to reach the 4CM level.

2020 February TNT (Agnar Rae Magnusson Memorial) Final round results

Isaac Wiebe and Gustav Baron shared first place with 3.5 points.

The top U2000 prize and top U1800 prizes were shared by Ethan Eckert and Zachary Piche, each with 3 points. Those results freed up the lesser U1800 and U1500 Prizes for Jim Melnyk, Gavin Wijaweera, and Richard Ott, who each scored 2 points.

Bd ResWhite BlackRes
10Jeff Babb (2127 3.0)Gustav L Baron (2123 2.5)1
20Ibukun Orogun (1835 2.5)Isaac Wiebe (2190 2.5)1
31Ethan Eckert (1777 2.0)Blair Rutter (1912 2.0)0
41Zachary Piche (1559 2.0)James A. Melnyk (1682 2.0)0
50Ievgeniia-Diana Furda (1625 1.5)Rolando Bince (1934 1.5)1
61Jim Green (1852 1.5)Wilfredo Tiqui (1461 1.5)0
71Richard Ott (1500 1.0)Keith Gannon (1460 1.0)0
80.5Philipp Gregoryanz (1475 1.0)Peter Magyar (1455 1.0)0.5
91Gavin Wijeweera (1359 1.0)Bob March (1204 0.0)0
0.5Oyeyemi A Abioye (2070 2.0)BYE
0Anthony Boron (2021 1.5)BYE
0Ken Einarsson (1789 2.0)BYE
0Pedro Marcelo Aza-Farje (1544 0.0)BYE
0Stephen Ford (1502 1.0)BYE
0.5John March (unr. 0.0)BYE

2020 February TNT – Round 3 results

Jeff Babb leads with a perfect score with one round remaining.

Bd ResWhite BlackRes
10 Oyeyemi A Abioye (2070 2.0)Jeff Babb (2127 2.0)1
2.5Gustav L Baron (2123 2.0)Ibukun Orogun (1835 2.0).5
31 Isaac Wiebe (2190 1.5)Jim Green (1852 1.5)0
41 Ken Einarsson (1789 1.0)Ievgeniia-Diana Furda (1625 1.5)0
50 Stephen Ford (1502 1.0)Blair Rutter (1912 1.0)1
60 Keith Gannon (1460 1.0)Ethan Eckert (1777 1.0)1
71 James A. Melnyk (1682 1.0)Richard Ott (1500 1.0)0
80 Gavin Wijeweera (1359 1.0)Zachary Piche (1559 1.0)1
90 Pedro Marcelo Aza-Farje (1544 0.0)Rolando Bince (1934 0.5)1
100 Bob March (1204 0.0)Philipp Gregoryanz (1475 0.0)1
111 Peter Magyar (1455 0.0)John March (unr. 0.0)0
.5Anthony Boron (2021 1.0)BYE
.5Wilfredo Tiqui (1461 1.0)BYE

2020 Kent Oliver Memorial results

Theo Wolchock added to his list of outright tournament wins by topping the 38-player 2020 Kent Oliver Memorial with 4.5 points.

In 2nd, with 4 points, were Gustav Baron,Marcos Valentino, Anthony Boron, Colin Prince, and Gilbert Perez. Perez took the top U2000 prize. Fernando Orcullo was 2nd U2000 with 3.5 points.

The top U1700 prizes went Jim Melnyk, James Chapman, Yanyu Lei, Zachary Piche, and Mark Klusa, all with 3 points.

Ethan Lib won the top U1500 prizes with 3 points, Keith Gannon was 2nd U1500 with 2.5 points.

The 1400 and Under prizes were won by David Glenn, Joe Zhou, Elazar Schwartz, Frederic Joannette, all with 2 points.

The prize fund was enhanced through a generous donation from Mrs. Truus Oliver.