2024 April TNT – Round 1 results

Twenty-five players have started the 2024 April TNT at CMU.  The rating favorites won on the top 10 boards, while a draw was the result on Board 11.  You can join the action next Tuesday with a 1/2 point bye for the missed Round 1. Crosstable at:


10 Mason Bilugan (1545)Collin Anderson (2164)1
21 Jordan Kwiatek (1972)Yuchen Li (1539)0
30 Aiden Ling (1507)Jackson Stordeur (1956)1
41 Gabriel Hamm (1823)Keith Gannon (1478)0
50 Bruce Reimer (1449)Zixuan [Joe] Zhou (1741)1
61 Ray Kuryliw (1704)Basir Nouri (1303)0
70 Dineth Balamanage (1293)Al MacPherson (1685)1
81 Rory Curtis (1679)Shmuel Heidingsfeld (1237)0
90 Jorel Baylon (1143)Mykola Kravchenko (1651)1
101 John Klokow (1612)Farhad Nouri ( 985)0
11½ Zelus Hui (unr.)Nicole Zhang (1569)½
½ Jeff Babb (1997)BYE
½ Prabhav Repaka (1577)BYE
½ Rhailey Punay (1342)BYE

2024 April TNT tournament starts Tuesday, April 2 at CMU

2024 April TNT Tuesday Night Tournament One Section – CFC and FIDE Standard Rated Event  – Time control – 60 minutes + 30 second increment

$ 30  entry fee – Prizes tbd.   5 rounds (5 Tuesdays in April)

Location:   Canadian Mennonite University  (600 Shaftesbury Boulevard)

Room D33  (map and direction and important information https://chess.chessmanitoba.org/?page_id=4538 Free Parking !

CFC Membership required. Pre-registration is strongly recommended as capacity will be limited.

5 rounds – 1 game on each Tuesday, April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 – (This is not a knockout tournament, players will play all 5 rounds) (Players may take up to 1 half-point and any number of zero-point byes.)

Half-point byes for round 5 must be requested before Round 3. Please note that we intend to start the first round at 7:00 p.m. sharp.  FIDE Zero tolerance rule not in effect (After the first round, you will not forfeited if you are late, but will lose after 1 hour of being late).

There is one game per week. This tournament is a Swiss (pairing) style tournaments with a new time control of G /60 minutes plus a 30-second increment from move 1.  The games will be be approx. 3 hours in maximum duration.

Start time is 7:00 pm -$ 30 entry fee and CFC membership required. All players must be CFC members (can be obtained during registration on-site) –  CFC memberships  – Annual(12-month) –  Adults $ 25, Juniors $17.

Pre-registration advised  – email chessmanitoba at gmail.com or text 2047989464

On site Registration for tournament (if capacity has not been reached through pre-registration (highly recommended) – Tuesday, April 2 – approximately 6:35 pm to 6:45 pm Registration will be cut off at 6:50 pm.

Tournament Director will be Tony Boron

Please send your questions to Tony Boron (2047989464) or email chessmanitoba at gmail.com.  


Manitoba High School Championship results

The Manitoba High School Chess Championship was held on March 26 at Sisler High School in Winnipeg with 58 students participating in a seven round Swiss tournament.   The winner of the event was Rhailey Punay (6.0 points) of Regent Park school who won on a tiebreak over Yakiv Gres of Kelvin High School and Kyle Gabriel Gecale of Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute, who each also had 6.0 points.

Winner of the team event (based on scores of their top 3 players) was Daniel McIntyre with 14.0 points, followed by Sisler with 13.5 and Decker School with 12.5.

Special thank you is extended to Ms. Orysya Petryshyn, a teacher at Sisler who played a key role in organizing the event.   This is the third straight year the high school championship has been hosted at Sisler and we look forward to holding the event again next year during spring break.


2024 March TNT Final Round Results

Collin Anderson  missed an opportunity in the endgame against  Gabriel Hamm; the draw left them tied with 3.5 points, the same as Jackson Stordeur.They all shared the 1st and 2nd place prizes. Mykola Kravchenko won the U1700 prize with 2.5 points. Dinesh Balamanage was top U1500 with 2 points.  

Crosstable at: https://www.chessmanitoba.org/tournaments/2024/2024_Mar_TNT.htm

1½ Collin Anderson (2170 3.0)Gabriel Hamm (1750 3.0)½
21 Jackson Stordeur (1935 2.5)Blair Rutter (1876 2.5)0
31 Jeff Babb (2009 2.0)Ray Kuryliw (1700 2.0)0
41 Anthony Boron (2038 1.5)Prabhav Repaka (1562 2.0)0
50 Bruce Reimer (1455 1.5)Mykola Kravchenko (1631 1.5)1
6½ Keith Gannon (1497 1.0)Dineth Balamanage (1195 1.5)½
71 Mason Bilugan (1514 1.0)Basir Nouri (1318 1.0)0
81 Aiden Ling (1505 0.5)Shmuel Heidingsfeld (1284 0.5)0
90 Farhad Nouri ( 778 0.5)Francis Trueman (1314 0.0)1
½ Mark Klusa (1829 2.0)BYE

2024 March TNT – Round 3 results

Collin Anderso and Gabriel Hamm lead with 3 points. Crosstable at: https://www.chessmanitoba.org/tournaments/2024/2024_Mar_TNT.htm

10 Mark Klusa (1829 2.0)Collin Anderson (2170 2.0)1
21 Gabriel Hamm (1750 2.0)Jeff Babb (2009 2.0)0
30 Mykola Kravchenko (1631 1.5)Jackson Stordeur (1935 1.5)1
41 Blair Rutter (1876 1.5)Jim Green (1849 1.5)0
51 Prabhav Repaka (1562 1.0)Keith Gannon (1497 1.0)0
61 Ray Kuryliw (1700 1.0)Mason Bilugan (1514 1.0)0
7½ Dineth Balamanage (1195 1.0)Cory Letain (1631 1.0)½
80 Farhad Nouri ( 778 0.5)Anthony Boron (2038 0.5)1
91 Marcus Guan (1771 0.5)Pablo Lake (1414 0.5)0
101 Bruce Reimer (1455 0.5)Jorel Baylon (1165 0.5)0
110 Francis Trueman (1314 0.0)Basir Nouri (1318 0.0)1
½ Gustav L Baron (2061 1.0)BYE
½ Aiden Ling (1505 0.0)BYE
½ Shmuel Heidingsfeld (1284 0.0)BYE

Two FIDE and CFC Rapid Chess Tournaments, Saturday, April 6

The Manitoba Chess Association will hold 2 tournaments on Saturday, April 6th at St. Mary’s Road United Church, 613 St. Mary’s Road.

Some players are eligible to play in either or both tournaments.  

To pre-register, text or phone Tournament Director Al MacPherson at 204-898-8485 or email Tony Boron at chessmanitoba@gmail.com 

CFC membership required (valid for 12 months – $25 for adults, $ 17 for juniors). Contact chessmanitoba@gmail.com for details and/or can be obtained at CFC site chess.ca 

New players without CFC Memberships must pre-register. Onsite registration will not be accepted for new players.

Morning Under-1700 Tournament

Players must be unrated or have both CFC quick and FIDE rapid ratings below 1700.

$15 early pre-payment entry fee to chessmanitoba@gmail.com until Thursday, April 4th. After April 4th costs $20.

All players under age 12 must have a guardian in attendance. 

Onsite registration from 830am with first round starting at 9am. 

Final round expected to end after 12 noon. 

5 round Swiss system with time control of 12 minutes with a 10 second delay.

Unrated players are ineligible for top prize in this tournament.

Afternoon Open Tournament

Players must be at least 16 years of age (born 2008 or earlier) or have CFC or FIDE ratings above 1400. No exceptions.

$20 early pre-payment entry fee to chessmanitoba@gmail.com until Thursday, April 4th. After April 4th costs $25.

Onsite registration from 1230pm with first round starting at 1pm 

Final round expected to end around 6pm. 

5 round Swiss system with time control of 20 minutes with a 10 second delay.

Notes for both tournaments

  • $$ prizes depending on entries.
  • MCA anti-cheating protocols in effect.
  • Rating formula is higher of FIDE rapid / CFC quick. Otherwise, CFC standard, then FIDE standard. 
  • Tournaments are CFC and FIDE rated.
  • Some rounds may feature forced byes depending on player count.  
  • Recording of moves not required. 
  • Limited parking on church property but there is free local street parking. 
  • Front room of church will be available for game reviews, socializing, waiting. 

2024 March St. Mary’s FIDE Rapid Results

Fifty-four entrants contested the 2024 March St. Mary’s FIDE Rapid tournaments on Saturday, March 16.

In the morning U1700 section, Jaimin Patel and Daniel Bouchard topped the field with 4.5 points.

Jaimin Patel and Daniel Bouchard, co-winners of the U1700 section

Joshua Friesen and Zhenting Yang, with 3.5 points, shared the 3rd place and U1600 prizes.

Arad Hatamian, with 3.5 points, won the U1400 prize.

Crosstable at: https://www.chessmanitoba.org/tournaments/2024/2024_St_Marys_FIDE_Mar_Rapid_u1700.htm

In the afternoon Open Section, Jackson Stordeur was the best of the 32 players, with 4.5 points.

Jackson Stordeur, winner of the 2024 March FIDE Rapid Open

Marlon Jodar, Jonathon Zaczek, Mutiu Salawu, and Gabriel Hamm scored 4 points to share the 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

Fernando Orcullo was top U1900 with 3.5 points. Second U1900 was Oliver de Meyer with 3 points.

Newcomer Vitalii Dolzhanskyi won top U1700 prize with 3 points. Jorel Baylon and Joshua Friesen, with 2.5 points, shared the 2nd U1700 prize.

Crosstable at: https://www.chessmanitoba.org/tournaments/2024/2024_St_Marys_FIDE_Mar_Rapid_Open.htm

The next Rapid events will be on April 6.

2024 March TNT – Round 2 results

Collin Anderson, Jeff Babb, Gabriel Hamm, and Mark Klusa lead with 2 points.

Crosstable at: https://www.chessmanitoba.org/tournaments/2024/2024_Mar_TNT.htm

11 Collin Anderson (2170)Ray Kuryliw (1700)0
21 Gabriel Hamm (1750)Gustav L Baron (2061)0
3½ Mykola Kravchenko (1631)Blair Rutter (1876)½
40 Cory Letain (1631)Mark Klusa (1829)1
51 Jeff Babb (2009)Marcus Guan (1771)0
61 Jackson Stordeur (1935)Aiden Ling (1505)0
71 Jim Green (1849)Bruce Reimer (1455)0
81 Mason Bilugan (1514)Pablo Lake (1414)0
90 Shmuel Heidingsfeld (1284)Prabhav Repaka (1562)1
101 Keith Gannon (1497)Francis Trueman (1314)0
110 Basir Nouri (1318)Dineth Balamanage (1195)1
½ Farhad Nouri ( 778)BYE

2024 March TNT – Round 1 results

Twenty-two players have started the 2024 March TNT.  The rating favorites won on all boards, except for Board 5 where a draw was the result.

10 Prabhav Repaka (1562)Collin Anderson (2170)1
21 Gustav L Baron (2061)Mason Bilugan (1514)0
30 Aiden Ling (1505)Jeff Babb (2009)1
41 Blair Rutter (1876)Keith Gannon (1497)0
5½ Pablo Lake (1414)Jim Green (1849)½
61 Mark Klusa (1829)Basir Nouri (1318)0
70 Francis Trueman (1314)Gabriel Hamm (1750)1
81 Ray Kuryliw (1700)Shmuel Heidingsfeld (1284)0
90 Dineth Balamanage (1195)Mykola Kravchenko (1631)1
101 Cory Letain (1631)Farhad Nouri ( 778)0
½ Marcus Guan (1771)BYE
½ Al MacPherson (1685)BYE

2024 February TNT Final Round results

Gustav Baron won the tournament with a perfect 4-0 score.  Jordan Stordeur was second with 3.5.

Top U1700 was won by Prabhav Repaka with 3 points.

Top U1500 was won by Mason Bilugan with 2.5 points.

Top U1200 was won by Dinesh Balamanage with 1.5 points. 

10 Mark Klusa (1841 2.5)Gustav L Baron (2035 3.0)1
21 Jackson Stordeur (1907 2.5)Ray Kuryliw (1709 2.5)0
31 Jeff Babb (2035 2.0)John Klokow (1600 2.0)0
4½ Mason Bilugan (1480 2.0)John V. Minano (1677 2.0)½
51 Prabhav Repaka (1550 2.0)Sushant Sharma (1531 1.5)0
60 Pablo Lake (1475 1.5)Mykola Kravchenko (1527 1.5)1
71 Basir Nouri (1293 1.0)Michael Stewart (1193 1.0)0
80 Keith Gannon (1525 1.0)Aiden Ling (1491 1.0)1
9½ Winston Jin (1338 0.5)Dineth Balamanage (1183 1.0)½
100 Jorel Baylon (unr. 0.0)Blair Rutter (1876 0.0)1

Crosstable at:  https://www.chessmanitoba.org/tournaments/2024/2024_Feb_TNT.htm